Gaining Business Goals

Microsoft 365 Vs iDeals Virtual Data Room

Today there is a trend of constant adaptation of cloud solutions to customer business needs for automation of daily routine transactions. This article is a comparative analysis of cloud-based alternatives – Microsoft 365 vs Ideals Virtual Data Room.

Microsoft Office 365 functionality

Microsoft Office 365 for business is not only about familiar products for working with email and office documents like Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote. It is also a cloud-based platform for communicating and sharing ideas with your team.

Microsoft 365 is used to create, share and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. This lets you save your work directly to OneDrive so you can access the latest version of your files from any computer running a supported operating system. The advantage of this approach is data stored in the cloud, as well as the ability to start on one device and continue on another. The software improves employee productivity inside and outside the organization and facilitates the interaction of sales, marketing, and customer service departments with modern technologies integrated into a single work environment.

Microsoft Office 365 package provides the following capabilities:

  • Available tools 24/7. You can stay on top of workflows – Office 365 online programs are always at your fingertips. You can also work on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone in a place convenient for you.
  • Work files are automatically synced on a device connected to the network. Switch from laptop to smartphone and continue editing the document.
  • Data protection and security. With Microsoft Office 365, your information is protected. Control employee access to corporate information and how the data is used.
  • Cloud data storage. You can connect with Microsoft Office 365 business suite and get 1 TB of OneDrive for each user and store sensitive information on the corporate SharePoint portal, share data with colleagues, and Microsoft protects corporate information from external threats.
  • Teamwork solutions. It provides the ability to collaborate with colleagues on a shared document and track results in real-time. Manage your calendar, keep in touch with colleagues by mail and messengers. Set tasks, hold meetings, control business processes on a single control platform.

Working on a project with iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a link of software for managing strategic and day-to-day business processes aimed at reducing paperwork, manual operations, and human error. It is a secure online platform that provides a data warehouse and tools necessary for efficient collaboration. Besides, this Data Room can be easily integrated with Microsoft 365.

So, the tasks that an enterprise can solve by implementing iDeals Data Room are:

  • Retaining and increasing customer loyalty by providing the customer with the best quality service.
  • Increase sales through a deeper understanding of customer needs.
  • Improving the effectiveness of marketing activities due to their more accurate planning and subsequent evaluation.
  • Reducing the risk of customer withdrawal along with the dismissal of an employee.
  • Elimination of situations when several employees start working simultaneously on one client.
  • Provides a single information environment – all information about real and potential customers, partners, competitors are stored centrally in a single system.
  • Service management – management of a service organization, customer service, and support;
  • iDeals allows companies to work with confidential information in the most secure environment.
  • With the help of the Data Room statistics module, the manager will always be aware of all transactions and customer requests.
  • Comparison of the success of managers, branches, departments, reports, and analysis.