How to Request a Demo of VDR Software for Due Diligence?

Demonstrations are generally very short, usually lasting a few minutes per page. Demonstration is an abbreviation of the word “demonstration”, which is a short demonstration of the product. Leads can watch the demo and ask questions if they do not know how the software works.

On the other hand, a free trial gives the intended user the opportunity to test the product over a longer period of time. During this time, the user can get used to all the offers of the product and make an informed purchase decision.

Which is better? It depends on the product being sold. The free trial allows customers to make more informed decisions because they have been using the software for some time, but it also means testing takes time. However, the demo shows immediate benefits that can be quickly recognized as valuable and can help users make purchasing decisions faster.

How to get a demo version of VDR

To order a demo version, you must fill out a special form on the page. If it is not, there is no demo version.

Benefits of Demos

Demo versions are best when the product is too complex to fully understand and the user needs a quick, clear guide that explains the intricacies and disadvantages of using the product.

In addition, the demo shows the user the main benefits of the product, so that he can act quickly. The downside, however, is that the prospect only gets an idea of ​​the software in action and has no first-hand experience.

Using a VDR: important considerations

There are a number of important things to keep in mind when looking for a great free trial of a virtual computer room. It is important to pay attention to these details, as they can help you make a more informed decision and maximize the time spent on each attempt. Do not be afraid to try several at a time to make sure you find the best solution for your needs.

Look at the quality of customer support and response time

You may want to try customer support to better understand how you feel when you start using a paid subscription to a virtual computer room. Ask questions and see what answers you get.

Also consider the response time. Does the staff react quickly or does it take some time? Are they ready to help with any problem? Are customer representatives polite and patient? Do they offer support around the clock? All of this is important to consider when making the final decision.

Evaluate Methods for Data Loading

Loading data will be an important part of your interaction with the virtual data room. Find out if the loading process is simple or requires more effort than it should. Also find out how easy it is to set up your computer room and get it ready for use. These are all important aspects to help you know what you are getting into.

Consider Restrictions on Copying, Downloading, and Printing Documents

Be sure to open and view the documents using vdr software to see if the process is easy. Find out if you need to download the software required to view the documents, and also check if there are any restrictions for unauthorized users. You should also be aware of how easily you can copy, download and print documents.

Consider Flexible User Access Settings

Is it easy to change individual user or group access to documents in the virtual data room? This is important to consider because you will be doing this from time to time. This process should be smooth and super simple. User access settings should be flexible for the administrator – this is not negotiable.

Distribute Software to te Operating System and Other Devices

This is an important item that you can not afford to miss. Be sure to test the software to see if it is compatible with your operating system and other devices such as your mobile smartphones and tablets, so you can access it on the go. If the data room is easily accessible to you and your potential bidders on a variety of operating systems and mobile devices, then this is a good choice. If the opposite is true, you may want to recognize the particular option.

Make sure the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly

This is another important area that you can not overlook. How user-friendly is the user interface of the virtual data room provider or software? Do you have to be technically savvy to figure it out, or can anyone with a smartphone figure it out? Is the orientation intuitive or confusing? Remember that you will use this software frequently. This should not be a source of frustration.

Check the Questions and Answers section

Always read the questions and answers to learn more about specific features. Look for features like thread comments and transaction template creation.